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How I view a session with Jacqui Prydie - Elizabeth, United Kingdom:

                                           " A session with Jacqui Prydie is equivalent to years of therapy"


Jacqui’s ability to tap into innate intelligence and see into the client’s DNA & life coding gets straight to the issues and alleviates them. It skips past the client’s own confusion or unconscious bias around their own issues which would typically take years to chip away at. As traditional therapy relies on the client’s own self-reporting from their own worldview (or traumatised & damaged memory), one could spend years focussing on the wrong things  or unravelling the stories we tell ourselves. Things have been brought up for me in sessions that I would have never thought of myself, but once they were said, it instantly clicked as correct. It’s very efficient. 

There is also something to say about Jacqui’s delivery of her sessions. It’s done in a very direct, mature and thoughtful manner, that maintains a degree of privacy for the client, particularly if a trauma is brought up that the client is not quite ready to discuss openly or even acknowledge themselves. There’s no need to talk through the traumatic event, Jacqui simply highlights it with the client, the age it happened and removes the traumatic imprint from the client’s spiritual DNA. It’s like having the secret code to life, or working with the creator of the matrix. It would be impossible to clear things like this by oneself, would take years with a therapist, but Jacqui can just ‘pick it out’ and delete it, removing its effect on the client & their everyday life. She describes our brains as a computer, and she is removing bugs or old programs and/or upgrading the software to make sure it's operating optimally.   

Which is another good point. Jacqui removes past traumas, but also sets new mindsets, beliefs and possibilities by ‘installing new software’ for the client’s mind to operate from, setting them up for future success.  

Jacqui interweaves messages from the client’s spirit guides and guardians. Regardless of your faith, it’s a meaningful bridge between two worlds, and reminds the client that they aren’t on their own, they are loved, supported and being watched out for.  

One session alone can be powerful. She will; 

  • Identify past traumatic events which affected the client’s life  

  • identify faulty thinking / limiting beliefs that resulted from self-protection 

  • confirm current mindsets & beliefs 

  • identify any nutritional deficiencies or afflicted body systems 

  • Re-alignment to positive programming and thought patterns 

  • forecast future significant events 

  • channel messages & Guidance for the client from their Guides

  • Identifying and releasing Past Life contracts that are holding you back

  • Healing Generational Trauma -Ancestral Inheritance

  • Re-alignment and Balancing Body Systems

  • Genetic & DNA healing vibrationally

  • Balancing Chakras & Auras

  • Deeper Healing protocols -advanced Spiritual Awakening

  • And so much more!

While one session will be hugely impactful on it’s own, given the world we live in day-to-day and the negative programming and toxins we are constantly exposed to, some clients benefit from regular sessions to clear these things they’ve picked up in their every day interactions and ensure they are operating at their best selves.

Jacqui is a Transformational Healing Specialist who takes her gift and people’s trust in her very seriously. She has developed this ability and her skill over many years and it is something uniquely her own. She consistently states that she is ‘a channel’, but her approach and delivery sets her apart. Very humble, Jacqui generally shies away from self-promotion, but remains fully booked regardless through word of mouth referrals. Her clients come from all walks of life, but her high-impact, direct & efficient delivery of results and ability to remove mental blocks that tend to hold people back in life has attracted many business leaders & CEOs who are working at maximum capacity, are time poor and need to be at the top of their game continually. However, her healing work attracts clients internationally and within Australia, all ages and for various healing needs and concerns.

Jacqui herself is wise, kind and genuine, with a touch of no-nonsense approach. She makes clients feel immediately at ease and that they are in good hands. Sometimes she can be somewhat removed, for example, if a client cries, breaks down or comes across a trauma they don’t have the strength to challenge – Jacqui steps in as strength for the client and will continue the healing to ensure it stops affecting the client so intensely. You can tell she is committed to working to her client’s best interest and getting to the heart of issues quickly. This approach is likely a strong component of her success, popularity with clients, and why she has been entrusted with this divine gift.  

After a session, a client may feel like they are either ‘detoxing’ (feeling a bit tired, sluggish, out of it, brain fog) or ‘up-grading’ (feeling light, bright, renewed energy). In the weeks after, a client might notice that they are less reactive to things that used to bother them, coming up with new ideas, thinking differently about situations or overall more positive. They may also find that as their energy shows up differently in the world, they attract new things to them, whether it be people, work, habits or opportunities.   

We all have something we are here on earth to do. But sometimes life experiences can side-track us. Regular sessions with Jacqui will attune your energy to your highest and best life path. You are only here once. Traumas can teach us lessons, but there’s no need for them to keep us stuck. Removing these and aligning to one's best self puts a client on their best life path, and towards fulfilling their goals, purpose and sharing their own special gifts with the world.  

Thank You Jacqui - You are a Blessing in my Life

My experience with Jacqui Prydie - Paula, United States of America

Jacqui has been nothing short of a guiding light in my life—a true angel who I consider an immense honour to have met. I could sense her unwavering confidence and genuine warmth even before our sessions began. From day one, she has empowered me in ways I never thought possible. Her sessions have been transformative, unlocking spiritual alignment and revealing insights that even psychotherapy hadn't touched upon.

While I hold psychotherapy in high regard for its usefulness, Jacqui's approach goes beyond, delving into the realms of subconscious understanding and past life insights, leading to profound healing and energetic upliftment. Personally and professionally, Jacqui has been instrumental in helping me recognize my true self, boosting my self-esteem, and actualizing my dreams.

I embarked on sessions with her in 2020, and by 2023, I had manifested a move to my dream country and pursued the master's degree I longed for. Her sessions also guided me through a tough time in my life, fostering a newfound peace in a relationship with a family member incredibly important to me. I once believed this relationship was destined to break, but with Jacqui's help, everything became more harmonious, and the healing process was significantly faster.

Whenever self-doubt clouds my vision, Jackie's words effortlessly lift me out of that emotional abyss. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone invest in their spiritual well-being through sessions with Jacqui. Doing so sets everything else in motion and elevates your vibrations beyond what you ever deemed possible.

Nikki, Canberra

“She is just amazing!!!! Jacqui has a special gift of releasing and healing energy. I have never met someone who is so intuitive and gentle, kind and understanding.

I didn’t know how to break negative energy, or attachments, or cycles – Jacqui has done this.


I remember having a session with her and she released some negative energy attachment.   She released the fear and anxiety within me – I was having panic attacks almost every day.

When you watch documentaries like the secret, power of the heart and heal – she is like one of those healers. She has access to an incredible power that can get rid of major blockages and transition you to acceptance, love and manifestation.

If you feel like your out of control, or stuck or just in a dark place she will help you.

I am filled with gratitude that I have been guided to her – she is the grace in my life.

With lots of love and blessings, I wish you the best on your journey.”

London, ACT

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a healing and transformation service that was nothing short of exceptional. During a particularly challenging period in my life, following major surgery, Jacquie was a beacon of support. Her kindness and warmth made a significant difference in my recovery process.


Jacqui not only assisted in my physical healing but also helped me to unblock and work through past traumas that were impeding my progress. Her immense generosity and empathetic approach provided the comfort and encouragement I needed to navigate through this difficult stage.

I am profoundly grateful for Jacquie's guidance and genuinely believe that I would not have been able to overcome these hurdles without her help. For anyone facing similar challenges, I highly recommend her services for not just recovery, but profound transformation.

Krista, Sydney

Jacqui Prydie's healing, wisdom, and spiritual kick up the butt was and always is exactly what I needed to live my life in alignment with my highest good. I have worked with Jacqui since 2019.  I am grateful for her continued guidance over the years and how she has helped me heal and transform. She has played an important part in my journey to motherhood and the forming and sustaining of my beautiful love relationship with a man that is conscious and loving. My career and purpose have flourished since working with Jacqui. My purpose is now very much aligned with my soul. She has helped me in releasing all my limiting programming and conditioning. She is a divine being and here to be of divine service.

A.C, Sydney

"Dear Jacqui

Your sessions work!! I'm Pregnant!

R, North Sydney

“I am very thankful to you. I feel really good - the soreness in my chest (emotional pain) is totally gone (had it for years!). I have no side effects from the session except feeling happy and appreciative as a whole. Things that usually make me sad - now no reaction! Thank you sooo much!!!”

Amy, Sydney

"I don’t think words can describe how grateful and thankful I am for meeting Jacqui, she has dramatically helped alter my life for the better.

I had been battling chronic sinusitis for a year, trying ENT specialists, doctors, naturopaths, acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy and nothing could clear it up for good. I was getting to desperation stage. I had heard of Kinesiology and was intrigued by it but because I didn’t know that much about it I discounted it. Luckily I received a voucher for Jacqui’s practice and decided to give it a go – what a stroke of luck that was!

Not only has Jacqui helped clear up my sinusitis but she has also helped me resolve issues from my past that were holding me back. I’ve been to see Jacqui four times over the space of a few months the results have been dramatic. I’ve never understood how people can get so excited and optimistic about life until now. And the change in my outlook has altered how people treat me. I’m attracting so many new things – a promotion at work, new friends, happiness and laughter.

Thank you so much Jacqui, thanks for helping me heal and pointing me in the right direction."

CC, Sydney

“If you are fighting an addiction then you need to read our story below and then book into see Jacqui.
My husband and I battled a severe Drug addiction that lasted a 10 year period. We had an average spend $$$$ per week during this time.


Every month the addiction grew stronger and so did the hole in our bank account. In one month towards the end of our addiction we spent $27k on drugs. By then, we were indulging nearly every night of the week.

We thought we were in control of our life, but in fact it was in control of us. Our business was near bankrupt and we pulled away from our friends and family. We started having health concerns, anxiety and life kept taking many wrong turns. We were getting older and we feared having children &/or responsibility. We were completely out of touch of reality and we couldn’t break the addictive cycle. I went on the search for someone or something to help us because our world was falling apart.

We then met Jacqui Prydie and it has been a life changing experience for us both!! We started with a few sessions upfront and progressed to ongoing tune up sessions. Our drug activities reduced from most days down to once a week and then once a month. When we did partake, we questioned our actions and we were very conscious of our bad behaviour. We also had some weird experiences, during the few times we weakened and purchased drugs, Jacqui would send an email that exact evening, checking in on us. In her email she asked us for our full commitment so that we didn’t waste each other’s time. We couldn’t explain the coincidences and I still can’t explain her gift, her power or ability. It was like having our very own guardian angel in the darkest of periods and we will be forever grateful.

We have been without drugs or alcohol for near 18 months. We now have a family on the way, and our business that was near bankrupt is now thriving and generating a very successful life for us.

I have recommended many family and friends to see Jacqui since our experience and it has been life changing for all. We are forever grateful to Jacqui for saving us. I get overwhelmed with the gratitude I have for Jacqui and I cannot express it, with the depth I feel.

Thank you Jacqui we are and always will be your biggest fans…

Annette, Sydney

“I’ve lost 7 kilos in 3 weeks and have a date on Thursday night. Thank you so much for allowing me to see my potential.” 

Emily T, Sydney

No words to describe what an immense change and transformation I have gone through with Jacqui’s loving support and guidance. She is a true healer. At the end of our six sessions I manifested more than I could have even imagined. I came to her with lots of pain and I was going through a very difficult situation in my life. But in Jacqui’s words “healing doesn’t need to take years. It can happen right now.”

Dina, Sydney

My journey with Jacqui has been nothing short of life changing.

Sometimes there are things and feelings you just can’t work through yourself, no matter how hard you try to counter it.

 My sessions with Jacqui have helped me immensely in being able to move past the barriers which have stopped me evolve in life. This is not just personal relationships but also clearing the blockages in my business also.

It’s a hard area to describe in words as the real proof in the work Jacqui does comes from the inner peace and happiness you experience after working with her.

I am yet to sit in a session with her where she has not been accurate in the guidance I need.

Elle, VIC

I first visited Jacqui nearly 15 years ago. I would describe myself as a pragmatic logical person and was given a session by a friend as a gift to something that I considered very alternative and probably not for me. At first the biggest change I noticed was that Jaqui had fixed my sleep, I used to wake up multiple times a night and after just one session I now sleep like a log. This changed my focus, mood and relationships almost immediately. As I continued to see her, I worked through painful experiences that had accrued over my life and limited my prospects. I can confidently say I live a life I sometimes never thought I would have and I know a large part of it is through the work I did alongside Jacqui's guidance and gift. Many people in my life noticed my shift, visited Jacqui and have also seen incredible results. Life is full of possibilities and because of Jacqui I believe with the right tools you can move mountains when certain energetic blocks are removed. Jacqui, thank you for all that you've taught me over the years and for doing the work you do, your impact has changed so many lives for the better.

Paula, Colombia

Jacqui is amazing as a person and as a professional. You can feel the magic and power of her work during and after each session. I’ve been able to feel the unlimited power we have within ourselves to awaken and also feel during the sessions a deep connection between my inner self and the universe. And that’s besides the incredible results I’ve seen in my life since I started the sessions. Is an experience I would recommend to everyone.

A Massey, Sydney

"Working with Jacqui has helped me through a time of much change and personal growth. As well as alleviating symptoms of bloating, nausea and tension, my mind is now calmer and my confidence has greatly increased.

Jacqui puts me [the client] in charge of each session, tapping into the subconscious as well as working on conscious issues, to shift energy and bring about positive changes very quickly.

She is compassionate and supportive, with a wealth of knowledge. I will continue to recommend Jacqui as a professional Kinesiologist and NLP Practitioner."

Flur, Sydney

“Dear Jacqui

Oh where do I start,
Thank you for changing my life. For setting me free. For ridding me of the anxiety that had taken over my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are a shining light in this world with such an incredible gift of healing others. I have been telling everyone who will listen about you and how you have helped change my life. I know this sounds over the top but you have saved me.

I am sending you a virtual hug & my arms are around you!! You are an Angel… Thank you with all my golden heart.” 

Nick, Sydney

"I was a sceptic right up until the moment I met Jacqui, but figured that I had nothing to lose and if it didn’t work, then at least I could say I tried.

Well..I am a massive convert and not sceptical in the slightest any more. Jacqui just makes everything work for you..problems are resolved, relationships repaired, career issues sorted out and life restored to a positive equilibrium. It is remarkable how it works and things are just resolved…it really works. Give it a go and you will not be disappointed. Life will be infinitely better after you see Jacqui” 

V Burgess, Sydney

"Jacqui has a unique ability to find and solve the body's niggling worries. Problems I did not consciously know existed were brought to my attention and promptly ironed out through the use of Kinesiology. The emotions and relief expressed personally, helped to clear my head, heart and body enabling me to float out of the door with a revived, positive attitude to life. I cannot recommend Jacqui's Kinesiology enough. Give it a try - she communicates with your body better than you do!

Bridget, Sydney

"I can highly recommend Jacqui Prydie. I feel confident taking on all new career ventures, with her guidance. She has helped clear all blockages as well as negative personality traits, which I was unaware of. My life has had a full transformation since engaging in her sessions. She has a super power, which I feel so privileged to have having in my life.. She helped grow my business from a start up to an international sensation. Great for not only business growth, but personal growth and relationships too!

Roz, NSW

If you want more out of your life but fear is getting in the way, I recommend you contact Jacqui. 

She has transformed my life in so many ways.  I always feel a sense of inner peace after each session.

One of the things Jacqui has helped me with is public speaking. She removed limiting beliefs from past experiences that made me so terrified to speak even for a few seconds. The thought of speaking in public gave me instant headaches, heart palpitations and even made me want to immediately get up and leave the room. Jacqui removed my attachments to my past experiences and past lives and I am happy to say that I am now starting to use my voice again.  I am now more aware when these thoughts arise and put them aside. 

I am eternally grateful to Jacqui for improving my quality of life. 

Jacqui works fast but does it in a kind, caring and nonjudgmental manner. 

So if you want to improve your life, I recommend you give Jacqui a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. 

Bee, Southern Highlands

"I cannot recommend Jacqui highly enough! Working with Jacqui has been incredibly life-changing. I am experiencing more lightness and positivity and I’m definitely more aligned now with my true self then I have ever been before. I have less anxiety and I’m sleeping much better. Jacqui is such a wonderful, kind woman. I get so excited in the lead up to our sessions together. Her warmth, guidance and healing are truly incredible. Thank you so much Jacqui, I will always be so grateful for your help."

Heidi, Sydney

"I first heard of Jacqui through a friend and felt it was fortuitous timing as I’d been in a negative space for a year or so and I was getting to a point where I felt I needed some professional help to get out of this space.


Booking that appointment was the best decision I’d made in a very, very long time and I only wish that I had met her 10years earlier - better late than never though, right!!

It took a couple of sessions before I started to feel lighter and more positive about life and that positivity only continued to expand with each session thereafter. It was no coincidence that after 5 or so years of being single I've attracted a wonderful man into my life and, generally speaking, I have a brighter outlook and deal with situations with so much more clarity.


We all have things to improve on and let go of, so for those who wish to create a more positive future, not only for themselves but for those near to them, and have more inner harmony, then I strongly recommend booking a session with Jacqui." 

Pauline, Sydney

"Jacqui is the real deal no (Hocas Pocas) I went last year to try and get over a horrible issue with my mother that has Demetria.


I had been crying every night for 3 years about and just couldn’t get past it !! But after my session with Jacqui I was no longer crying and it was life changing !!

Jacqui will also bring up the exact ages you where when you experienced   trauma ( that’s when you know she’s the real deal ) she will then clear these blockages to free you from carrying around your emotional baggage that stops you from progressing in life!!!


I returned for another session  as I wanted her to help me out with another life issue and also to help me stop smoking and loose weight !


Thank you sooo very much Jacqui for helping me through my dark time & all you do !!!" -

Karlene, Sydney

"Being a cancer patient for the last nine years, I was keen to adopt a more holistic approach to my health.

Jacqui was amazing. She was able to quickly and intuitively access my subconscious, and with tapping, help me release the limiting beliefs and fears which were blocking my healing. After each session, my energy levels improved and I felt a sense of calmness and wellbeing.

Having previously been a sceptic of kinesiology, I am definitely now a convert. Meeting and working with Jacqui has been an absolute blessing, as she is not only a true expert in her field of kinesiology and NLP but also an extremely empathetic and caring soul. I definitely look forward to continuing my sessions with her."

Alexis, Northern Beaches

"Jacqui has had a profound & transformational impact on my emotional wellbeing, my outlook on life, my feelings of connection to my purpose and feelings of security / trust in the future. I was fairly broken emotionally nad mentally when I first met with Jacqui. Through regular sessions, she unpacked all the blockers holding me back from being happy and seeing the future positively.  Jacqui has always been there to support me in between appointments and that's always appreciated. I would absolutely recommend Jacqui to anyone needing guidance, support or ongoing 'tune ups' for emotional, mental and physical health". 

Liz, Sydney

"Jacqui has been helping myself and my 2 children for 7 years now. The sessions have been remarkable in that Jacqui clearest emotional blockages that positively effects health and well-being. I fully recommend Jacqui as a practitioner. Jacqui goes into much detail in a session to clear energy blocks and create balance. An amazing healer."

Lorraine, Sydney

"I have leaned on Jacqui's incredible talent for ten years now. I am an entrepreneur on my second business, and I tell anyone who'll listen that Jacqui is my secret weapon! She has been a wonderful support to me navigating change , and also in my journey to become a mother. I have sent probably dozens of people to Jacqui now, and love to hear after their sessions how much she helped them like she's helped me." -

Brittany, Bowral


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"When I first started doing sessions with Jacqui Prydie, I was caught up in a toxic party scene, unable to emotionally connect or attract loving relationships. I have done over 6 sessions and wow, my life has transformed! I am now happily married, living my dream life with farm animals in the country and have disconnected from all toxic friendships and lifestyle habits. I am in awe, with how much my life has changed to the life I had only ever dreamed of. For that, I am forever thankful. If you are stuck in a rut and are experiencing the same issues repetitively, I highly recommend you visit Jacqui to clear blockages not serving you

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