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About me

My name is Jacqui Prydie. I work as a Spiritual Healing conduit and do intensive healing and transformation work with my clients.

I am able to bring about major transformational shifts for my clients. This is accomplished by clearing emotional & mental blockages/self-sabotaging/negative programming/releasing old out-dated belief systems that no longer serve you.

I work predominantly as a Spiritual Healer channel and can access blockages on many levels of your life and create positive change by releasing these at the various levels and ages they are locked into. During the session with my clients, I receive specific information (channelled) regarding what is required for their unique healing & Transformation.

Areas covered for positive transformation and Healing: Physical Health, Anxiety & Stress, Weight Loss, Relationships & Love, Work, Business, Finances, Career, Abundance, Life path, Life Direction, Spirituality Awareness & Enlightenment, Spiritual Guidance – Questions you may have about your life path and direction. 

Please give me a call if you are ready to be aligned to your highest potential. If you need more information about my sessions or to make an appointment please contact me or you can book online for an appointment.


·     Spiritual Healing via Meditation and Divinity

·     Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

·     The Prydie Transformation Method (Founder and Creator of    Unique 12 level Transformational Method)

·     Touch for Health Practitioner

·     Professional Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (Master Level)

·     NES ProVision Practitioner - certified with the Bioenergetic Institute of Health Care

·     Clinical Hypnotherapist /Psychotherapist

·     Emotional Intuitive Practitioner

·     Crystal Dreaming Practitioner - shamanic healing

·     Craniosacral Therapist

·      Emotional Counselling

·     Registered Nurse RN, DON (BN) Massey University


What is an emotional intuitive? 

An Emotional Intuitive is a person who gets in tune with the body and helps one understand what information is being stored.

They can explain how one's body is sensing emotions and blockages.

They can map out the emotional, physiological, mental, chemical, and heritage of a person so that a greater understanding of oneself is achieved.

Intuitive differ from psychics or mediums at the level in which they connect with a client. No Psychic Readings are conducted.

The type of information obtained also differs. If you are looking for information about the future, an intuitive session may not be the proper mode of inquiry.


Types of information obtained from an emotional intuitive session.

Examples of information that can be obtained based on the energy in the body:

  • Emotional and Mental information held in the body

  • Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Blockages

  • Using age regression to establish Stories, patterns and perceptions and when they were created

  • Blockages and obstructions around relationships, work, career, finances, success, business, life-path etc.

  • Chakra and Aura readings

  • Identifying Past lives - Past life contracts holding you back

  • Priority ages with trauma that needs releasing

  • Generational/Ancestral inheritiance blockages

  • Frozen Emotions with ages stored in specific areas of the body

  • Negative energy attachments to be cleared

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