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About Jacqui Prydie

Jacqui Prydie is a gifted and compassionate healer, dedicated to helping individuals achieve profound transformation and healing in their lives. With years of experience and a deep understanding of spiritual practices, Jacqui possesses a unique ability to channel divine energies and wisdom for the benefit of her clients.

Her journey as a spiritual healer began with a profound calling to serve others and guide them towards a more fulfilling life. Drawing upon her intuitive gifts, Jacqui facilitates healing sessions that clear blockages, release past traumas, and elevate the energetic frequencies of her clients.

Jacqui's expertise lies in fast track healing and transformational sessions, where she empowers individuals to overcome challenges and awaken their true potential. Through her work, clients have experienced miraculous changes, manifested positive shifts, and found alignment with their higher selves.

With a warm and nurturing approach, Jacqui creates a safe space for personal growth and exploration. She believes in the power of inner healing to bring about external abundance, success, and harmony.Her sessions, conducted both within Australia and internationally, have garnered a devoted following of clients who have benefited from her powerful insights and transformative healing techniques.

As a firm believer in continuous self-improvement, Jacqui dedicates herself to ongoing learning and staying at the forefront of spiritual and healing practices. Her genuine passion for helping others is evident in every interaction, making her an exceptional guide for those seeking profound change and enlightenment.

Whether you're seeking relief from emotional burdens, clearing energetic blockages, or seeking spiritual guidance, Jacqui Prydie is here to support you on your transformative journey.


What is an emotional intuitive? 

An Emotional Intuitive (Medium) is a person who gets in tune with the body and helps one understand what information is being stored.

They can explain how one's body is sensing emotions and blockages.

They can map out the emotional, physiological, mental, chemical, and heritage of a person so that a greater understanding of oneself is achieved.


Types of information obtained from an emotional intuitive session.

Examples of information that can be obtained based on the energy in the body:

  • Emotional and Mental information held in the body

  • Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Blockages

  • Using age regression to establish Stories, patterns and perceptions and when they were created

  • Blockages and obstructions around relationships, work, career, finances, success, business, life-path etc.

  • Chakra and Aura readings

  • Identifying Past lives - Past life contracts holding you back

  • Priority ages with trauma that needs releasing

  • Generational/Ancestral inheritiance blockages

  • Frozen Emotions with ages stored in specific areas of the body

  • Negative energy attachments to be cleared

Light Language Healing

Explore the profound world of Light Language Symbols and Meanings with Jacqui Prydie, a dedicated channeler of Healing and Transformational symbols uniquely channeled for each individual. 


Jacqui utilizes Light Language symbols to offer not only incredible amounts of information but also as a form of medicine for the body, providing applications for various purposes. These are used in all sessions

Each symbol, drawn specifically for you, holds a unique meaning, creating a release of energetic emotions that conventional language may struggle to articulate, ultimately releasing long-held negativity and trauma. 

Jacqui Prydie introduces Light Codes, channeled activations designed to peel back layers and activate inner knowing. These codes, associated with Source and the Christ consciousness grid, facilitate a surge of understanding about Light Language within your entire being. 

Explore the common expressions of Light Language, including movement through hand gestures and intricate written symbols, each holding specific purposes such as healing, emotional facilitation, and manifestation. Book a session with Jacqui Prydie to receive your personalized Healing & Transformation Light Frequency Symbol activation for three areas of your life. 

Connect with Jacqui at to embark on a transformative journey through the profound language of light. Dive into the sacred connection between Light Language and Sacred Geometry, recognizing the intelligent design and integrated geometry in the natural world. 

These symbols, recognized across cultures, serve as energetic stamps, bringing forth the highest vibration of light for healing and transformation.

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