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All or some of the following healing modalities

  • Chakra clearing and balancing

  • Meridian clearing and balancing

  • Transformation Life Guidance 

  • Touch for Health/ Kinesiology

  • Inner child Healing

  • Energetic Healing 

  • Age Regression to clear emotional blockages from the past trauma

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming - Clearing self limiting beliefs / out-dated patterns of behaviour/Negative programming

  • Clear self-sabotaging around work/relationships/life path/career/business/Finances/health/weight

  • Future projection/ Time line therapy

  • Emotional Counselling/ Psychotherapy

  • Spiritual Healing - Life Path/Life Direction

  • Emotional Intuitive Practitioner - Fast Track Upgrading - all levels

  • Channelling/ Mediumship

  • Business/Career Success

  • Psychotherapy

  • Re-Create yourself - Transformation work - see specialised packages



The answer is that it varies depending on the nature of the your problem and what it is you wish to achieve. Sometimes one treatment is enough, but in other cases several treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results. The latter is more likely to be the case if you have a chronic (long term) problem. Also if you have multiple issues that you require help with, obviously more sessions will be needed.

It will take more than one session to get rid of a life-time's bad habits or correct old patterns and beliefs than no longer serve you. If you need help with aligning yourself with your life, career, health goal, we can work with you for positive outome. We can find out if there are any self-sabotaging strategies at play and remove them enabling a successful outcome.

Alternatively, you may just want a one-off balance or a healing session, or you may feel that you need regular sessions as part of your ongoing journey of personal and/ or spiritual growth. Healing on an energetic level can be likened to peeling the layers of the onion. We may need to access secondary issues before confronting primary issues.

Over a period of time we clear more and more issues and learn how to operate in a new and healthier way in the world. I highly recommend regular sessions, as the effects of regular energy balances are beneficial, keeping you in peak condition and leading to deep and sustained changes in the your life.

Spiritual Healing is generally fast and effective with lasting results. Majority of clients take 6 sessions for positive changes in all aspects of their life.



When the energy flow is restored, the body can heal itself. Sometimes after a session you may experience a certain fatigue, which indicates that your body energy is being re-organised as part of the healing process. Your body is actively trying to realign itself.


Most imbalances such as allergies, physical pain, hormonal dysfunction, migraines, lymphatic blockages, anxiety, depression etc are anchored in "stuck' emotions. Energy healing/ Emotional Intuitive work lifts this anchor, bringing it back to the surface or to consciousness, so it can be diffused. It is not however a quick fix that gives you the illusion that the symptoms have disappeared all at once.


Energy Healing will relentlessly go to every corner in your metabolism/body "mind/brain" to bring up any hidden or suppressed physical/emotional/electrical/biochemical imbalances. It might take time, depending on the issue, but it is a very thorough approach to optimize your self healing.


Sometimes we talk about healing as peeling an onion. Every layer reveals another layer. Sometimes you feel as if you are regressing because you go back to the source of the problem.


The choice is yours. However deep you want to go, and however quickly you want to go; Energy Healers will always allow you to set the pace and will never impose their agenda on you.


Energy Healing/Emotional Intuitive work is suitable for all ages, all nationalities and all spiritual beliefs. It is an extremely holistic modality that can benefit everyone. The focus is on finding what the triggers are in our lives that cause stress, on a physical, emotional, biochemical and spiritual level, hence giving greater insight into the core issue of the health related problem.

We work with another model called the Triad of Health and chose it because it has a strong interaction with the emotions and biochemical, structural aspects of ourselves.The structural part includes the relationship between the muscles, bones, and nerves, Postural distortion is body language revealing dysfunction.The Chemical portion of the triad is the nutrition, diet, and the biochemistry of the patient.


The Emotional aspect is crucial. The power of positive thinking can improve health. The power of negative thinking can trigger illness and disease. It’s impossible to take them apart and treat them individually, as they all have an impact on one another.

Energy/Spiritual & Emotional Intuitive healing is a tool that opens a doorway between Eastern and Western approaches to health, allowing a paradigm shift away from disease identification and defeat towards disease prevention and the promotion of wellness.



We don’t treat, diagnose or prescribe . We work with the Energy Model not the Medical Model. We help to support the body to be in a better position to deal with stress issues on a physically, emotional, bio-chemical and spiritual level.

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