Are you looking to deepen your spiritual connection? 

These series of sessions will focus on Spirituality, Enlightenment, Intuition and Connection.

These sessions will enhance your spiritual connection, intuition and awareness.

You will uncover a deeper understanding and connection to your true soul essence, authentic self and divine love and connection. Know Thyself!

Sessions include clearing blockages in the Chakra system and Auras.
• Releasing Past Life Contracts holding you back in this lifetime
• Removing Negative Energies etc
• Alignment to your Life-path, Life Contribution Transforming and evolving to a higher vibration and frequency
• Enhanced Intuition
• Psychic development
• Energy protection
• Lost Parts/Soul Fragment Retrieval - spiritual healing
• Age Regression for healing
• Spiritual Guidance given as needed
As well as complimentary MP3's for Enlightenment / Spirituality and Reduce Anxiety.

The Spiritual Enlightenment Package includes 6x90 minute sessions.

Spiritual Enlightenment Package - 6x90 mins