Jacqui Prydie

Emotional Intuitive Spiritual Healing Practitioner


About Me

My name is Jacqui Prydie. I work as a Spiritual Healing Channel and do intensive healing and transformation work with my clients.

I am able to bring about major transformational shifts for my clients. This is accomplished by clearing emotional & mental blockages/self-sabotaging/negative programming/releasing old out-dated belief systems that no longer serve you.

"Transformation starts from within"

- Jacqui Prydie

My Treatments


Transformational Packages

  • A series of packages available for individual needs.

  • Clearing patterns, programmes, belief systems,Generational Blockages

  • Packages available in a series of six intensive 45 minute sessions.

  • Re-alignment, clearing blockages and bringing on abundance!

  • MP3’s included to listen to for further healing and transformation.

  • Expect positive change in your life

Fast Track 45 Minute Session

• Profiling

• Age Regression

• Clearing Self-Beliefs
• Clearing Sabotages
• Clearing Negative Patterns / Programming
• Clearing Emotional Blockages 
• Age trauma creating blockages x 2 ages identified and cleared
• Areas of your life out of alignment
These are thoughts or behaviours that undermine your healing or success in reaching your goals. 

Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Questions and Answers for your inner journey of enlightenment and transformation.

Guidance given regarding specific areas of your life, from one of the options below:
• Love & Relationships
• Career
• Finance & Abundance
• Identifying Blockages
• Life path / contribution

*Past Life Contracts holding you back
• Spirituality

• Spiritual Lessons


“I’ve lost 7 kilos in 3 weeks and have a date on Thursday night. Thank you so much for allowing me to see my potential.”

Anette, Sydney

“Just wanted you to know that I have passed my exams, and I would like to thank you ! I will rebook with you again soon, Tremendous help! Thanks.”

F, Sydney

“I am very thankful to you. The soreness in my chest (emotional pain) is totally gone (had it for years!). I have no side effects from the session except feeling happy and appreciative as a whole. Things that usually make me sad - now no reaction! Thank you sooo much!!”

R, North Sydney




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1-2 working days.

Or, alternatively email me directly here: jacquiprydie@gmail.com

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